This is my first post on my new blog! I’ve decided to focus on news and interviews of future Olympians and move my personal blog to its own website. This is what I have been up to with my swimming the past half a year!

My swimming has improved so much the past 6 months that I can hardly believe how much faster I’ve gotten! I think I can attribute my swimming improvements to technique work, and the amount of been swimming. I’ve really been working on my technique, doing at least a little bit every time I swim. I have almost swum as much in the first 4 months of 2017 that I did throughout all of 2016! While it’s not easy waking up every day at 6am to go swimming, I have gotten used to it and don’t really notice waking up so early so long as I go to sleep early enough.

November 73206
December 77350
Janurary 66400
Feburary 81250
March 95100
April 92225
6 Month Total 485531

*The extra 6 meters in November are from when I swam in a 25 SCY pool.

When I first started swimming 16 months ago, my second week of swimming a friend of mine, Bryan, had me do a workout with him and towards the end of the workout, he had me do 4x50m on 60 seconds. I thought that didn’t sound too difficult and went for it. I hit the first 50 in just under 60 seconds and was gasping for air. I left again on 60 and came back in maybe 1:10 and was again dying. I don’t remember what I did the last 50 in, but I would be surprised if it was under 90 seconds!In September of last year, I started doing a 30x50m on

In September of last year, I started doing a 30x50m on 60-second workout (every couple weeks/once a month) so that I could see how my fitness was improving over time. I know that this isn’t necessarily a ‘normal’ swimming fitness test for a distance swimmer/triathlete as most would do some variation of a 200m + 400m swim test as we are ‘long distance’ swimmers. Regardless of the type of test I’ve gone with, I have seen a HUGE improvement and am rather proud at how much faster I’ve gotten.

Anyways back to my more recent progress.
September 29th – 30x50m on 60 second – 46 second avg
October 20th – 50×50 on 60 second – 42 second avg
November 7th – 30×50 on 60 second – 40 second avg
December 2nd – 50×50 on 60 second – 40 second avg (not much improvement that month, didn’t do any technique!)
December 29th – 30×50 on 60 second – 39 second avg
January3rd – 30×50 on 60 second – 38 second avg
January 17th – 30×50 on 60 second – 38.5 second avg (not sure how I got slower, but I did!)
February 7th – 30×50 on 60 second – 37 second avg SUPER HOT POOL! (in the stupid hot pool, almost passed out from the heat)
April 26th – 30×50 on 60 second – 35 second avg!!!! – Because I hadn’t swum in so long I wanted to make sure not to go out too hard so my goal was just to stay under 40’s. I did my first in 34 seconds and thought I was going to die after 10, so I really tried to relax and slow down on the second interval and went 36, I ended up just going with it and it worked out well!

I didn’t do the test for over 2 months, and while I still did do some faster shorter stuff I never swam more than 20 50’s at a time and instead focused on 100’s and 200’s. The only other thing I have changed recently would be doing some big kicking sets with a snorkel. While I do lots of pulling with paddles, I’ve always been faster with them than without. Recently I’ve been swimming faster without!
The past 2 months I really feel like my swimming has gotten to a new level. While I’m not a ‘fast’ swimmer yet, I don’t feel like I don’t belong in the pool anymore. I’m comfortable swimming now!

While I have only been swimming for a very short time, I think I have already discovered the secret to swimming fast. Swim often, swim fast, swim slow, ensure you swim with good technique, get ‘comfortable’ in the water. Basically, swim lots!

Thanks to TYR for all your support with my swimming!