Hometown: Huntsville, Ontario

Favourite Race: Younge Street 10k

Favourite Workout: Probably a super sprint triathlon

Favourite Food: I want to say pasta, but after eating it for 2-3 meals a day for the past half a year I think I now like pizza better

Favourite Color: Green

Height: I tell everyone 6″, but I’m closer to 6″1

Weight: 130-140 depending on my daily food consumption and bathroom schedule

Proudest Accomplishment: Doing what people say I am unable to do

Coach: While I don’t have a coach, I do have a few “advisors” who I confer with

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I was not into sports growing up, however, my parents tried to convince me otherwise!  Before I started my first year of high school my mom gave me the choice of swimming or the cross country running team. I picked running as it seemed like the easiest of the two (little did I know the decision I made then would affect my life so much!).

I started running my first week of school, I was awful. My coaches have memories of me finishing practice and having to get in a car and drive to go pick me up so that I would finish practice on time. My goal at my final race of grade 9 was to finish the race without walking (I ran 28:59 for 5km). I somehow accomplished that goal. I started Nordic ski racing that same year, and while I was much better at skiing than I was at running, I was still not very good.

I kept running and ski racing throughout high school, and become much better in both sports. I got more interested in running and skiing as I improved and wanted to push myself to become the best I could. After I graduated from high school I had to make the difficult decision of picking what sport I wanted to do in University, I picked running. I decided to go to the University of Windsor, as they had one of the best running programs in Canada. I had a great year running for Windsor, doing both Cross country and Track.