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Gravenhurst Triathlon

I think I’ve finally learned how to compete in 3 sports in a row. It’s taken me 5 triathlons to get the hang of it, and I’m starting to get the hang of things.
The Multisport Canada Gravenhurst Sprint Triathlon was a great race.

I didn’t really know what to expect as we boarded the Segwun (which also happens to be North America’s oldest segwunoperating coal-fired steamship!), as we left the dock I started wondering if we had enough lifeboats on board for all these people. It took me a moment to remember that we were supposed to jump ship and everything was going to be okay.

As we got close to the swim start all the guys started talking about the jump off the boat and we were wondering how we were going to jump off the second floor of the ship and I got a little worried because I’m not exactly a fan of heights. Fortunately, a voice on the speaker asked everyone to come down stairs to jump out the door (a foot or so above the water). As I was walking down the stairs I heard someone yell “CANNONBALL!” which was promptly followed by a rather loud splash. Everyone still on the boat burst out laughing and it really helped me relax.
As I got to the door to take my turn to jump, I noticed that the boat was still moving! It kind of reminded me of paratrooper’s jumping out of a plane.

We had a 50-100m swim to the start line and I did my best to do a short warm up and get the blood moving. I made my way to the front next to some fast looking swimmers who I hoped to draft all the way to shore. We treaded water for a couple minutes before the Segwun’s horn sounded and we were off. I quickly realised that the swimmers who I thought were fast, were faster than I could keep up with! So much for my great plan. I settled in and tried to keep up a decent tempo and actually managed to catch some feet for part of the way. It was very easy to see where I was going as there were very large orange buoys placed every couple hundred meters or so and I actually managed to swim in a pretty straight line for most of the way!

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I finally reached the dock and made my way out of the water to T1. In between the water and T1 was a very large crowd of people all cheering us on, and I managed to see my Grandpa and Mom as I ran past. I got to my bike and noticed that most of the bikes were still on the racks and I must have had a decent swim. I had a pretty fast transition and made my way out on the bike. The first couple km were very windy getting past downtown Gravenhurst to the rolling roads out of town. The roads were very smooth and the bike went by very quickly as I tried to pass as many people in front of me as possible. As I made my way back into town I realised that I wouldn’t be able to go really fast through the twisty downtown section and was somewhat thankful for the chance to rest the legs for the last km or 2 to make sure my legs would be good to go for the run.

I got off the bike and immediately ran into the wrong transition area, ignoring the pleas of the volunteer telling me I was going the wrong way. Completely my fault. I quickly noticed my mistake and ran back out and headed for the correct transition area. I got my shoes on somewhat fast and headed out for the run.

I had no clue what place I was in at this place and how far ahead the leaders were, so I set out to try and catch them. The Gravenhurst run route in this race is by far my favourite triathlon run, it has a nice mix of rolling hills and flats and the first half of the run went by very fast and the second half seemed to go by even faster. I almost wish I had done the Olympic distance so that I could have run further! As I made my way to the finish I passed second place and was gaining on first, and thought I was going to catch him, but then we turned off the road and I finished second.

I’m very happy with the race and had a great time, by far the most fun I’ve had in a triathlon. I can’t wait for Bracebridge!

Thanks to my supporters:
Skechers Performance Canada, TYR, Riplaces, MultiSport Canada, Rubber Ducky Sunscreen, Squirt Lube, Moore Photography and Joshus

It was nice that I lived so close to Gravenhurst as my Grandparents, Parents and many friends were able to come watch me race.

My adoring fans 😀